Sprinkler System - New Design & Installation

Expert Irrigation & Sod specializes in residential home and commercial business sprinkler system installation and maintenance in the East Texas area.  When looking to have your home or business sprinkler system installed, start taking advantage of the benefits an automated sprinkler system offers. Expert Irrigation & Sod boasts a highly experienced and professional staff to provide you with the right solution to make your life easier and keep you lawn looking great.

Sprinkler System Spring Start-Up

Another service that Expert Irrigation & Sod offers is spring startup. This service ensures your automated system is in working order year-round. During this service, our staff will test your system’s components and function to ensure it is working properly.

In the spring, typically March or April, is the time to start your Sprinkler System.  Expert Irrigation & Sod’s startup includes turning water bank on to the system (well or city water), testing backflow preventer, testing water flow and testing and adjusting water coverage on your lawn.  We also check for water leaks and program your sprinkler’s timer. Call us at (903) 407 – 0980 for appointments.

Sprinkler System Repair

Nothing is more frustrating than a sprinkler system that is not operating at its maximum potential. At Expert Irrigation & Sod, we do our best to offer same day response. Whether you need help with a broken water pipe or a sprinkler head replaced, we are here to help.

Our expertise in sprinkler valve replacement, sprinkler wiring, and sprinkler controls helps create a properly operating and well-designed sprinkler system that supplies water uniformly over your entire lawn. We understand the importance of a beautiful lawn and will assess your sprinkler system repair issues and find solutions that will promptly restore watering needs.

In additional to our great new sprinkler systems, we also service any existing sprinklers system in the East Texas area. Whether it is leaking water, not covering all areas, or just needs a tune up, we are here to help.


A lawn that has professional sod needs no special care because it is a healthy mature lawn when installed. A sprigged or seeded lawn requires months of nurturing to reach maturity. Professional sod is grown with expert care.  It establishes itself quickly and is ready for full use in only a few weeks.  After installation, the only requirement is to water, mow and fertilizer your lawn. By doing so you will keep your lawn healthy; a gorgeous green carpet of grass requiring little maintenance.

Sod, available in a variety of grass blends, can be installed almost anywhere, at any time during the year. The multiple blends suit various needs such as climate, sun and shade conditions.  This versatility makes sod great for parks, golf courses and athletic fields, as well as residential homes and businesses.

Real Grass, Real Fast!

Be the envy of your neighborhood! The sod installed by Expert Irrigation & Sod is a line of hybrid turf grasses that make your project look and perform great for many years. Sod is designed to look great instantly and is ready for full use in only a few weeks.